Friday, 19 April 2013

Sales Quote

Motivation is a key success factor for sales, so we’ve compiled this list of great sales quotes below. Feel free to bookmark this post as well so that next time you need a break or a bit of motivation, you can reference these sales quotes again.

Great Sales Quotes:

Confidence and enthusiasm are the greatest sales producers in any kind of economy.
-O. B. Smith

If you’re a gifted flirt, talking about the price of eggs will do as well as any other subject.
-Mignon McLaughlin

Don’t sell life insurance. Sell what life insurance can do.
-Ben Feldman

If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.
-Bob Hooey

The key is not to call the decision maker. The key is to have the decision maker call you.
-Jeffrey Gitomer

Timid salesmen have skinny kids.
-Zig Ziglar

If you work just for money, you’ll never make it. But if you love what you are doing,and always put the customer first, success will be yours.
-Ray Kroc

To succeed in sales, simply talk to lots of people every day. And here’s what’s exciting – there are lots of people!
-Jim Rohn

We succeed in enterprises which demand the positive qualities we possess, but we excel in those which can also make use of our defects.
-Alexis de Tocqueville

To speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks.
-Ben Jonson

I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature.
-John D. Rockefeller

Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect.
-William Clement Stone

The secret of man’s success resides in his insight into the moods of people, and his tact in dealing with them.
-J. G. Holland

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.
-Terry Pratchett

How you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win.
-Gilbert K. Chesterton

A salesman, like the storage battery in your car, is constantly discharging energy. Unless he is recharged at frequent intervals he soon runs dry. This is one of the greatest responsibilities of sales leadership.
-R. H. Grant

What helps luck is a habit of watching for opportunities, of having a patient but restless mind, of sacrificing one’s ease or vanity, or uniting a love of detail to foresight, and of passing through hard times bravely and cheerfully.
-Victor Cherbuliez

Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.
-William Bernbach

Forget about the business outlook, be on the outlook for business.
-Paul J. Meyer

You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.
-Patricia Fripp

The sale begins when the customer says yes.
-Harvey MacKay

Internalize the Golden Rule of sales that says: All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.
-Bob Burg

Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat.
-Malcolm Forbes

Everyone lives by selling something.
-Robert Louis Stevenson

I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard.
-Estée Lauder

A smart salesperson listens to emotions not facts.

For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.
-Zig Ziglar

In sales there are going to be times when you can’t make everyone happy. Don’t expect to and you won’t be disappointed. Just do your best for each client in each situation as it arises. Then, learn from each situation how to do it better the next time.
-Tom Hopkins

Always be closing…That doesn’t mean you’re always closing the deal, but it does mean that you need to be always closing on the next step in the process.
-Shane Gibson

A good ad which is not run never produces sales.
-Leo Burnett

Above all, a query letter is a sales pitch and it is the single most important page an unpublished writer will ever write. It’s the first impression and will either open the door or close it. It’s that important, so don’t mess it up. Mine took 17 drafts and two weeks to write.
-Nicholas Sparks

It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you.
-Patricia Fripp

We hope these sales quotes get you charged up for the next meeting, the next call or the next sale. Until next time, keep your sales in Overdrive!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Sales Leaderships Skills

I have special skills in negotiating contracts, sales, and strong leaderships skills.


I am a business development professional and sales specialist that helps small and medium sized businesses grow.  I work with EMR, medical staff training, financial management, and operations.  I am a professional with over 14 years of business experience and now an independent consultant.  I have worked overseas for a multinational company in Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand.  I have special skills in negotiating contracts, sales, and strong leaderships skills.


This is Faris Ghani, Sales Specialist, Business Development Professional, Independent Consultant