Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Exit Strategies- Faris Ghani

Preparation - Organizational Development - Documentation

Succession Planning

Initial Public Offering (IPO)


Merger & Acquisition Planning

Reverse Merger

Monday, 5 August 2013

Business Analytics- Faris Ghani

We work with 6 primary

aspects of business:

I. Strategy

Market Analysis

Rainmaker reports

Business Planning

II. Systems Management

I.T. Infrastructure

Management Platforms

E-commerce / Website

Database Management

III. Valuation

Financial Assessment

Proper Capitalization

Financial Growth Strategy

Exit Strategy

(Succession Planning, IPO, M&A, or Franchise)

IV. Brand Management

The Special Advantage

Product Design and Manufacturing

Strategy Canvas

IP Protection

V. Global Supply Chain




VI. Business Performance

The Rainmaker Analysis Tool

Sales Presentation and Delivery

Marketing & Promotion Dynamics

Team Development

1 on 1 Interpersonal Development
Source Reference: BDS

Friday, 2 August 2013

Strategic Planning- Strategic Marketing- Faris Ghani

II. Strategic Planning

Strategy is the engine that powers your business. We help you to design the overall process of sales, marketing, and business development. We will help you articulate your message, create differentiation and brand your product. This will help you find your customers and anchor your business.

1.Spiral Model This model represents the engine of the business by carefully addressing each aspect of strategic marketing and sales.

2.6E’s – Enrollment, Exposure, Elicit Response, Experience, Engagement, and Entrenchment

3.Jump Start Small Business Development Program– Perhaps there is a bigger picture for your business, one that includes a fully developed business model and funding. Jump Start is the program we use to move your concept from bar room napkin to boardroom table.

4.Capital Acquisition Strategy – Getting funded for a project is a process. It starts with a good business plan and carefully articulates the message in a way that makes sense for investors. We can help you to prepare a capital acquisition strategy and get ready to accept funding.
Source Reference: BDS

Strategic Marketing- Faris Ghani

The Special Advantage

I. Brand Development

With the thousands of messages we see each day, the average consumer has evolved into a master level sorting machine, dismissing in rapid fashion, any and all superfluous information. Our new aptitudes have given us the ability to process piles of junk mail and channel surf through hundreds of channels extracting only the information we need to further our lives. That is why it is critical to shape your message in a distinctive way so people can clearly understand and articulate its meaning, thus eliciting a powerful response. Branding is that art form.

We facilitate a process that focuses on the following areas:

1.Value Proposition – The Problem/Resolution Aspects of Product or Service. Value Proposition is the fundamental “Language” of your business.

2.Languaging – Helping You To Articulate Your Message Clearly And Concisely…These Are The Questions That Elicit An Enrollment Opportunity.

3.Differentiation – Differentiation Is What Helps You To Stand Out From The Competition – It Answers The Question, “How Are We Different?”

4.Unique Selling Proposition – Answers the Statement: “This is Uniquely Ours and No one Else is Doing This!” If Done Right, USP Eliminates Competition.

5.Market Research – Understanding The External Factors That Govern Your Market Place

6.Demographics – The Quantitative Characteristics of Your Market – Demographics measure everything from the number of total customers that exist in your market to the amount of disposable income they have to spend. It measures the growth rate of the market and examines other characteristics pertinent to your sales.

7.Psychographics - The Thought Process Your Customers Go Through When Making A Buying Decision

8.Competitive Edge – Quite Simply, Competitive Edge Is What Helps You To Be World-Class. Beyond Just The Message, We Help You To Develop A Purpose and A Mission; an Endeavor Worthy Of Attention.

Out of this section, you will be able to accomplish the following

Specific Measurable Results:

Attain a clear message that speaks directly to your customers pre-attuned listening. This language is used to create powerful marketing materials outlined in Section III, Sales Presentations outlined in Section IV, and other promotional strategies outlined in Section V. Clients typically experience massive increases in the return on advertising impact versus the cost of doing business.

Understand how each “conversion point” in the marketing spiral functions. In other words, we set up specific measurable business metrics to examine customer behavior and buying criteria, where we are converting business into sales, and where there are vulnerabilities.

Help you to clearly differentiate yourself from the competition and create a concise messaging platform in the mind of your clientele.

Ultimately help you to create a “Duplicatable Language” driving referral sales and leveraging your business attunement.
Source: BDS