Friday, 2 August 2013

Strategic Planning- Strategic Marketing- Faris Ghani

II. Strategic Planning

Strategy is the engine that powers your business. We help you to design the overall process of sales, marketing, and business development. We will help you articulate your message, create differentiation and brand your product. This will help you find your customers and anchor your business.

1.Spiral Model This model represents the engine of the business by carefully addressing each aspect of strategic marketing and sales.

2.6E’s – Enrollment, Exposure, Elicit Response, Experience, Engagement, and Entrenchment

3.Jump Start Small Business Development Program– Perhaps there is a bigger picture for your business, one that includes a fully developed business model and funding. Jump Start is the program we use to move your concept from bar room napkin to boardroom table.

4.Capital Acquisition Strategy – Getting funded for a project is a process. It starts with a good business plan and carefully articulates the message in a way that makes sense for investors. We can help you to prepare a capital acquisition strategy and get ready to accept funding.
Source Reference: BDS

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